Arlene Arkinson Update & Story- Inquest Finds Missing 15-Year-Old Murdered By Rapist Robert Howard

Arlene Arkinson, a 15-year-old young girl, went missing in the year 1994 and was never found.

On August 14, 1994, a young girl disappeared, and the suspect for the murder was recognized to be Robert Howard, a child rapist and sex offender. 

She was reported to be last seen with the person who was the suspect, and then she was never found. 

Different investigations took place, and many verdicts were made, but until a decade, no case was built up. 

But even after such a long time, no proper charges were made against anyone. About 25 years later, finally, her case has ended, and she was said to be raped and killed. 

Hence, people are eager to find out more about her personal life and details about her case. 

Arlene Arkinson Missing Update: Murdered By Robert Howard

As mentioned, Arlene Arkinson was killed and raped by Robert Howard

After about 25 years of her death, the case has been finally solved, but neither is she alive and nor is the murderer. 

Firstly Robert was nearly captured, but eventually, he was released from prison because of his not guilty verdict. 

Also, the jury was not informed that he was already facing the charges of rape and murder of a young 14-year-old girl. 

He was never proven guilty in the case of Arlene. Still, he was charged with another murder, so he was in prison. 

In 2015, he died while in prison, and after 6 years of his death, his other murder case was out in the open. 

Arlene Arkinson Age: How Old Was She?

Arlene Arkinson’s age was 15 years old at the time of her death. 

And if she would have been alive, she would be about 42 years old now. 

However, her exact birthday or date of birth is not revealed yet. 

Arlene Arkinson Parents

Arlene Arkinson was born to her parents, but they were not always together. 

Initially, Arlene lived with her father, but he was an alcoholic plasterer who could not take care of himself or his daughter. 

Hence, Arlene moves with her sister to live in Omagh. Also, her mother had died a few years ago before the death of the daughter. 

Indeed, Arlene was just 11 when her mother died. 

Arlene Arkinson Facebook

Arlene Arkinson is not on Facebook because she died about 25 years ago when there were no social media, and neither were there any smartphone devices. 

However, there are a few sources that provide information regarding her on Facebook and also some details about her case.